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Gm Application
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:07:07 pm »
What is your in-game name? :
Scorpion TR Thunder
What is the link to your steam profile? :
What is your SteamID? :
How old are you? :
How many hours have you logged on the server within the past week? :
About 20 Or So
Will you continue playing while your GM application is still up? :
Yes I Will As I Am A Member Of The Server And I Will Keep Playing Even If I Don't Make It Cause I Am Comited To Helping This Server And I Want To See It Grow, I Have Made Many Friendships And Hope To Make More
Do you have experience with ULX (admin module)? :
Not Really, But I Am Willing To Learn And Will Take My Time Doing So If Needed
Have you ever been a GM on another server / other game? :
I Have Been It On A Smaller Server, As Well I Have Experience In Single Player As I Do Many Starwars Based Attacks And Sims For AI And My Self
Do you have a microphone and use it constantly? :
I Use My Microphone If I Am On The Server, Many People Know This Like User The Commander Of Scorpion
Why do you want to be a GM on this server? :
I Have Grown To Like This Server In The Past 2 Weeks Or So I've Been On, I Have Made Many Friends And So I Want To Be A GM For This Want So I Can Continue To Have Fun With Others, Myself, And The Server, I Am Active At least Once A Day But Usually About 4 Times Or So A Day If I Can, When I Am On It Is Usually For A Few Hours.
What are some event ideas that makes you worth while to accept? :
First-We Get A Transmition "We Are Entering Your Area, Do Not Fire, Can We Board To Get Fual, We Were Just Attacked" We Then Say "You May Board But Only A Few People" The People Board Are Ship Including Its Captain And 2 Guards, While We Went Looking The 2 Guards Split Away From Us, They Then Head To The Engine Room, They Were Droids,They Plant Bombs In The Engine Room, We Find Out And Send Troops To Block The Door, We Try To Nogotiate And The Two Go To The Third Floor, They Then Take A Naval And A Few Others Hostage On Are Ship, They Then Make A Escape, If They Escape We Will Be Sent To Attack There Ship Later On And Save The Hostages As Well Eliminate It, But If They Don't Escape We Interogate And They Then Try To Make A Escape And We Then Kill Them After They Call For Backup And Droids Swarm The Ship After Two CIS Ships Hyperspaced in
Would you like to be trained as a GM before-hand? :
Yes I Would, I Would Like To Learn The Ropes And Test My Self Out Before I Do Anything So I Can Be Ready And The Best I Can Be

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